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October 15, 2003


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An ordinary desktop PC outfitted with six PCI cards, each containing four of the chips, would perform at about 600 gigaflops (or more than half a teraflop).
At this level of performance, the PC would qualify as one of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world.


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A great article today on Davenet. He hits three different topics, all relevant.
In the future, a man helping a woman, or a woman helping a man, may be seen as a sign of people being kind to each other, and nothing more (or less of course). Not a statement, not something that requires correction or explanation.
Asking for and giving forgiveness is often all it takes to gain freedom. Sometimes all that’s in the way of moving forward is to stop respecting the past so much, and look forward instead of looking back. The past is dead. Who knows what the future holds.
I can relate to the story he tells here. I know that there is no more powerful thing in the world than forgiving or being forgiven.
Three words, and we’re both free.


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Erin and I went and got a copy of the Matrix:Reloaded last night at Circuit City (normally $22.99, but only $14.99 the first week). It was hilarious. There were probably 8 groups of people in the store and EVERY SINGLE ONE of us had a copy of the DVD. There were 6 of us in line and the only thing 5 of use were buying was the movie (the other person had 3 or 4 movies, including the Matrix). We watched a lone guy walk in as we were walking out and he made a beeline for the Matrix display and then a beeline for the register. Erin thought it was hilarious (she almost gave him directions as he was walking in: “the Matrix DVD’s are over there”. Wish she would have).
When I asked the cash register girl about it, she said there had only been one person that didn’t purchase the movie the whole time she had been working the register. Incredibly, though, she wasn’t going to buy one and hadn’t seen either movie.

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