The Big Think

November 11, 2003


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I’m trying a little experiment lately. I had a Pepsi a few days ago in Waco (Saturday, to be exact). Since then I haven’t had a drop of caffeine. After three days without, I have a whole lot more respect for people who give up smoking after years of addiction. Sure, compared to nicotine, caffeine is baby stuff, but I still have headaches, I’m jittery, and the cravings have been pretty bad. I’m not giving it up, I’m just seeing how addicted my body is to the stuff. Very, it turns out. In a few days I’m sure I’ll be climbing the walls.
One sad result is that I can definitively say caffeine is not the cause of the chronic insomnia I’ve suffered with for years. Unfortunately, that hasn’t improved.

Yeah Baby

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Giles discoved my alter ego.

I See You

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I so want one of these.

His List

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Holy Cow, this man has a great List. I’ll be updating and posting mine soon.

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