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November 13, 2003

More Powerbook Woes

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At the CapMac meeting tonight, my Powerbook didn’t start again. Took the thing almost completely apart and couldn’t get it working. Got back to Giles’ and removed the 512MB simm and it started right up. I think I’ve found the problem. I bought the SIMM from Transintl about a year ago and I think it’s started to go bad on me. Luckily they have a lifetime warranty. Right now the Pismo is running OS X on 128MB. It doesn’t like it (very slow), but it still works.
Another big sigh of relief.

The Ape is Back

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If you didn’t see the quicktime video that made the rounds a year or so ago of Steve Ballmer acting like an ape, here’s a creative re-casting. Requires flash.

Fox Trot

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Today’s Foxtrot.

Harry Potter

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View the new Harry Potter trailer before it is released. (thanks, Scott)

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