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November 20, 2003

Korean Broadband

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South Korea, already one of the most wired nations on Earth, is making plans to upgrade its capacity to handle 100mbps to each home by 2010.

WTC Memorial

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Eight finalists have been chosen for the World Trade Center memorial. I really like them all, with “Reflecting Absence” and “Dual Memory” my favorites.


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“Worldwide annual emissions of carbon dioxide, considered a culprit in global warming, are expected to increase by 3.5 billion tons, or 50 percent, by the year 2020, an executive for ExxonMobil Corp said. There are now 15 cars for every 1,000 people in the world, but ExxonMobil expects that number to rise to 50 cars per 1,000 by 2020.” (from CNN)

Chalk Work

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Some incredible 3D chalk work. Transitory and beautiful. I wish there was more of this kind of thing around; surprising, quirky, transitory beauty created just because. I especially like (in a weird way), this one. Okay, it’s damned souls, but I think the artistry is amazing.
Oh, and I was hoping the artist would try this and pull it off. Success!

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