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November 23, 2003

Reading List

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Moving Mars by Greg Bear. Normally I don’t care too much for first person perspective books. I prefer the “god view” of a third person perspective, but Greg Bear has impressed me. His other book, Eon, left me unimpressed. This one is making up for it. Reminds me of Card in a way.
Got to finish this so I can start the Return of the King before the movie comes out.

The Harrow Report

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From the Harrow Technology Report:
[According to Lin], the photonic crystal may not be merely shunting
energy from long to short wavelengths. It might also be emitting
more energy across the electromagnetic spectrum than Planck’s Law
deems possible. Some of the team’s data indicate that this is
probably the case.

And don’t miss the article on “Personal Fabricators”. Way cool stuff. His newsletter is worth subscribing to.

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