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November 25, 2003

Moving Mars

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Just finished Greg Bear’s moving novel “Moving Mars”. It’s everything a good novel should be: distracting (haven’t gotten as much done as I should have), inventive, thought-provoking, emotional, and immensely fun. What a good time.


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Ode to a Great Library

This is a forest ever green,
A wood no killing frost can ever bare;
These leaves may fade, but in between
The life is there.

This is a graveyard, but instead
Of death, it’s life, to seeing eyes;
When hands unclose these tombs, the dead
In glory rise.

This is a journey; from this door
Lead many roads with many inns;
Each yields, in measure, joy before
The next begins.

This is a battleground, and grand;
The mighty strive to win the Field;
And much depends on who shall stand
And who shall yield.

This is a city that will last
Until the time when time is gone;
No bodies die until they’ve passed
Their own seed on.

This is a light, a gift of Love
Who bids us learn, that we may see,
Until there dawns the clear light of

The Microsoft Compatible Tablesaw

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Mixing two of my interests, woodworking and computers.

Black Hole

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Scientists have concluded some recent study on the black hole in the center of our galaxy. Called “Sagitarrius A”, this monster is approx 26,000 light years away and about 2.6 million times as massive as our sun. The event horizon is approx 10x smaller than the diameter of Earth’s orbit. The object itself, of course, is infinitely small (there’s a paradox for ya: 2.6 million times as massive, but infinitely small!!).
On a related note, Erin is reading Richard Preston’s “First Light” (recently re-issued!), a fantastic, fascinating look into Astronomy and the scientists who have devoted their lives to it. I’m really glad Erin is reading this book. It’s spawning some very long and entertaining conversations.
If you’re even remotely interested in science or astronomy, this is the book to read. Close second: Michael Lemonick’s “The Light at the Edge of the Universe”.


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The British Concorde arrived today by boat in New York Harbor.


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Anyone want a McCurry?

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