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November 26, 2003


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I treated myself to a little trip Outside this afternoon. Went to the grocery store with Erin (we try and go together, but when I’m busy with Sing and she has time, she sometimes goes herself). It’s the first time I’ve been out of the house since Sunday morning. I’m going to try and make a hole to leave tonight and go hang out at Barnes and Noble or something. We left to get fixings for Thanksgiving tomorrow (turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, etc). We’re not traveling this year, thankfully. Though with my schedule I haven’t had a “real” holiday season bereft of work since college. Ah well, the price I pay for self-employment. I’ll certainly not turn the work away.
My little caffeine experiment is coming along nicely, too. I haven’t had any caffeine since November 8th (almost three weeks ago). The shakes, cravings, and headaches have finally abated. I noticed about two days ago that I hadn’t had any bad cravings for a while. On those mornings when I have to get up early it would be nice to have some Earl Grey (never been a big coffee drinker), but so far those mornings are fairly rare. I’ll probably go back to drinking it in moderation at some point – in fact, I do have a private goal – but for now it’s nice to think that I’m not putting that junk in my body any more. We’re also trying to cut out unhealthy food. I mean, just look at the ingredients on most preprocessed foods! Yikes! And I read an article about how bad partially hydrogenated ingredients (soybean oil, vegetable oils, etc) are for the body. I’ll bet that scientists find they’re a significant source of cancer in our diets in a few years.
Like I said, we’re experimenting.

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