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November 30, 2003


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What we are now is what we are now, but what we will be tomorrow is a destiny written by our own choice and commitment.
We all start with more or less capability in different arenas. That can’t be argued. But where we wind up depends on nothing so much as how well and long we work. It absolutely has nothing to do with talent. Go ask the people who have made it, the Oh-So-Talented Ones, the Golden People, and again and again you’ll find that they just can’t apply that word to themselves with a straight face. They know how they got there: they worked. Behind the flawless Mozart reciteal you’ll find ten thousand hours of practice. Behind the brilliant Academy Award-winning performance you’ll find weeks of prep, months of shooting, a ton of collaborative assistance, and hundreds of flubs and foul-ups and agonizning not-quite-rights that hit the cutting room floor.
So it is willingness to surrender to the struggle, not talent, that defines an artist. Talent is a concept invented by lazy people to spare themselves the good hard work of growing, co-opted by critics to spare themselves the good hard work of understanding, and seized on by virtually everyone as fodder for their own private insecurities.

Connor Freff Cochran, Keyboard, April 1996 P 140

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