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December 1, 2003

e pluribus dragon

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Christie’s is auctioning off an ancient Roman 20 sided die. No word yet on the Phalanx of +2 Retribution.

Wood Eye!

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Went to the lumberyard today and picked up some beautiful soft maple and walnut. It’ll be the first time I’ve worked with walnut. Seems like nice wood. Good grain, very clean with absolutely no blemishes anywhere. It’s all 2.5″ stock sold by the linear foot. Sittin’ on the table saw just begging to be cut. Soon, grasshopper, soon. Got enough to build quite a few items for a very reasonable cost. Plus, the guy there was mucho helpful.

A Good Word

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Mark Shea has a good perspective.

Ticket to Ride

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The privately-built SpaceShipOne has chalked up a sixth glide test. Piloted by veteran rocketeer, Mike Melvill, the flight took place November 19 over Mojave, California desert. via yahoo news.

Cat in the Hat reviews

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Now I’m really glad I didn’t see this movie. Some choice reviews.
Among my favorites: A vulgar, uninspired lump of poisoned eye candy.
To be fair, I hate it when critics insult just to be clever or draw attention to themselves. And I doubly hate it when someone insults or puts down an honest creative effort. As a creator myself, I see the process from the inside as a routine part of my career. It’s hard, exhausting, often thankless work and I have little patience with people who casually dismiss thousands of hours of careful creation- and those who diss other people’s work just to score cleverness points with their listeners are the worst of the lot. Give me careful criticism. Give me considered, thoughtful critiquing. Give me a disappointed but honest audience and I will give you better work next time- because the creative process thrives with the right balance of light and water, support and criticism, and creative growth comes out of careful, labored self-evaluation.
The lunkhead who riffs on someone’s creation that he doesn’t like just because it gets him a cheap laugh (see: much of comedy now) deserves the kind of worldview he earns. We have all known people who think it’s clever or witty to insult another person’s work. Tellingly, I usually find that these people seldom risk putting their own work in front of others. Tall Poppy Syndrome personified.
So I guess I should be careful reading these critics in the link above. Writing a witty two sentence review in rhyming couplet form is easier than spending a few years creating a movie. On the other hand, any product that is spat carelessly through the creative process just to make a quick profit deserves to have its makers struck from the face of the landscape (See: much of Hollywood dreck). Unfortunately, “The Cat in the Hat” seems to be just that kind of sad animal.

Critics can’t even make music by rubbing their back legs together.”
Mel Brooks
No statue has ever been put up to a critic.”
Jean Sibelius
The day I start listening to critics is the day they go out and make an album.
Helen Reddy, hearing that Rolling Stone voted her “Greatest Hits” album the Worst Album of 1976

Get Chipped

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Be the first on your block to have this installed.
No comment on my part other than, uh, no.


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I have known many an English major who had a simple enjoyment of reading beaten out of him by course after mind-numbing course on theory and dialectics and what-have-you. ..
But I’m one of those crass vulgarians who wants to read a story when I sit down; I am not particularly looking to be “shocked” or “made uncomfortable” or “introduced to new ideas,” when doing so, though if this happens in the course of my reading I am not put out. But I don’t consider that I have wasted my time if I haven’t had my horizons blasted open by a breathtaking new insight (or whatever it is these people seem to be jonesing for) when I finish a book.

Here’s the full article.

*WARNING* some mild Return of the King spoilers. Don’t read this if you don’t want to know (a small part of) what happens.

Apple Tablet in the Near Future?

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Bob Cringely says an Apple Tablet Computer is coming out in January. Hmm…

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