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December 3, 2003

Noah’s Ark

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A few days ago I posted something about my second favorite job. I was just wandering around and found the home page of the company I used to work for. It was my most favorite. Here are some wonderful pictures of what I did for a few years during and right after college. Lousy pay, cold conditions, long hours, wonderful people, irreplaceable memories. The best job I’ve ever had.
Take a look at these pictures and tell me that those people don’t look like they’re having the time of their lives (and yes, Patrick, I unpacked those bags a long time ago 🙂


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If I can’t have love, I at least want a motorcycle.
Jenny Gwinn
7-4-91 Mt. Princeton Rd.


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Very few things make it onto my list of daily must-reads. IRAQ NOW is one of them. It’s a personal blog by a soldier who is currently serving in a unit in Iraq. It’s only about 3 weeks old now, but almost every entry has been a show-stopper. The author, Jason Van Steenwyk, has an English degree and is an excellent example of the literate and cultured military man. Fascinating stuff.

Orson’s Game

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Think what it will mean if we elect a Democratic candidate who has committed himself to an anti-war posture in order to get his party’s nomination.
Our enemies will be certain that they are winning the war on the battleground that matters — American public opinion. So they will continue to kill Americans wherever and whenever they can, because it works.
Our soldiers will lose heart, because they will know that their commander-in-chief is a man who is not committed to winning the war they have risked death in order to fight. When the commander-in-chief is willing to call victory defeat in order to win an election, his soldiers can only assume that their lives will be thrown away for nothing. That’s when an army, filled with despair, becomes beatable even by inferior forces.
Patriots place their loyalty to their country in time of war ahead of their personal and party ambitions. And they can wrap themselves in the flag and say they “support our troops” all they like — but it doesn’t change the fact that their program is to promote our defeat at the hands of our enemies for their temporary political advantage.
read the whole article here. Thanks to Mark for the link.

Calvin and Hobbes

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If you’re a fan of the fantastic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, don’t miss this interesting article.

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