The Big Think

December 5, 2003


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A 26-year-old graduate student in the US has made mathematical history by discovering the largest known prime number.
The new number is 6,320,430 digits long. It took just over two years to find using a distributed network of more than 200,000 computers.
more at newscientist.

iPod Batteries

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If you saw the flap a week or so ago about difficult to replace iPod batteries (remember, the one with the guy spray-painting his dissatisfaction all over the place?), you might like this. A list of more accurate (but admittedly, less sensational) alternative stencil slogans for the Neistat Brothers.

An Email from a Captain in Iraq

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My brother Ross sent me a copy of this email from a man currently stationed in Iraq. Click the link below to read the whole thing.

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