The Big Think

December 13, 2003

iTunes Music Store

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I’ve been working with the iTMS today. Have to say I love it. I had a call from a client who wanted to know if I had access to 4 obscure songs. While he was telling me the titles I was typing them into the iTMS. Got all 4 songs in a matter of 30 seconds and was listening to them to confirm that they were the right ones. He was very impressed. “How’d you get those so quick?” Makes me look good! Thanks, Apple.

A New Little Bateman

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It’s (or will be) a Girl! Congrats to Giles and Jenn on finding out today that they’re going to have a little girl in Mayish. Awesome news, man! I guess now “Jason” and “Mark” are out of the running for names, huh? 🙂
Time to get ready for a houseful of Pink that rivals the Pepto factory.
On the downside, I now owe Josh a buck. I thought it was gonna be a boy.
If it’s no problem next time, can you guys manage a boy so I can get my dollar back? Thanks!

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