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December 17, 2003


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Nowadays if you see an event movie after the first couple of weeks, you’re not really a participant but an observer, a sociologist trying to discover what it was that everyone was so excited about. If you want to be part of the cultural conversation – and we live in
a society in which you are more likely to be embarrassed for not knowing who Kirsten Dunst is than for not being able to name your Senators – you can’t wait around until there are no more lines at the

Travis Lavan

Return of the King

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“Absolutely brilliant”

“It was much better than the other two”

“It lived up to all the hype”

“The truth of the matter is, it’s a terrific film”

“[one of] The American Film’s Institute’s (AFI) top 10 films of the year”

“It was fantastic,”

“It was definitely the best of the three”

“It’s the best film of the year.”

“And so it ends, the greatest film trilogy ever mounted, with some of the most amazing action sequences committed to celluloid. The Return of the King is everything a Ring fan could possibly wish for, and much more.”

“The Lord of the Rings is undeniably a landmark in cinema history, a creation of demented, kamikaze passion that all logic suggested should never work and yet somehow did.”

“I left exhilarated and saddened. What will Christmas next year be like without a fresh instalment of the Ring to look forward to?”

“The Return of the King is the great coming together of Tolkien’s myth, where journeys end in vast battles, and where incident is piled upon incident, climax upon climax. And director Peter Jackson has more than done justice to his material.”

“Will Jackson at last win an Oscar for this towering achievement? No ifs. No buts. The answer is unequivocally yes. And about time too.”

Finale for OS X

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I use this program on an almost daily basis (music notation) and it’s a shame that MakeMusic still doesn’t have an OS X version…. even 2 years after OS X has been on the market. They assure users here that Finale 2004 for OS X will be out in January. Fingers crossed.

The Wright Stuff

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100 years ago today the Wright Brothers changed history with the first manned, powered flight.
Thanks, guys.
If you’re an aviation buff, be sure to catch all the specials that will be sure to air today.

Eat My Dust

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If you need me in the next few days, I’ll be camping out on the curb waiting for my new (used) Dust Collector to arrive. Sweeping will (mostly) be a thing of the past.

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