The Big Think

December 23, 2003


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This is a really well done site. I’m not much of a designer, but everything here from the fonts to the design to the audio made me smile. Can’t wait for July 16th. Little hint: “positrons” don’t exist outside of the cineplex.

Ticket to Ride

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SpaceShipOne, the brainchild of Dick and Burt Rutan, has become the first civilian aircraft to break the sound barrier. On the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s flight. I really believe that in 300 years the name Rutan will be spoken with Armstrong, von Braun, Lindbergh, and Wright. Way to go Scaled Composites!

Lord of the Statutes

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Heidi Bond shows just how crazy a law student can go as she dissects the verbal contracts of Sauron from a legal standpoint. Oy.

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