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December 25, 2003


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Defined as the stuff that’s handed to you when you’re walking down the aisle at a trade show. In this context it’s Christmas presents!
Here’s what Santa brought me:
Woodcraft pencils and sharpener as a fun stocking stuffer
Labrador Retriever bookmark stocking stuffer
Half-price books 2004 calendar (with a bunch of 15% off coupons in the back!) stocking stuffer
Almond Roca
A set of wonderful hand-made pottery from MudWorks. You’ve gotta see this stuff, it’s beautiful and meant to be used. Looks like that kind of thing that would’ve held a pint of Grog in Merrye Olde England.
Taunton Press’ seminal “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery” book
A pair of much needed Vise-Grip pliers
very cool boxed-set of 10 Columbian Forstner Bits
MSA Full-Face Shield, I got to use Mark’s a few weeks ago and have become a face-shield convert. They don’t fog or obstruct your peripheral vision and keep stuff from hitting your face- not just your eyes.
The Dr. Suess book “The Lorax” donated to the Pflugerville Public Library in my name. What a great gift.
Stanley 2′ level and torpedo level
Half Price Books gift certificate
Baroque Favorites CD
Home-Based business book
Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe
A set of 5 hand-made coasters from Erin’s Aunt and Uncle’s orchestra trip to Japan.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended edition DVD!
A signed photo of Ed Mitchell on the moon.
My parents also gave us each some money and told us to get something we wanted, (not something we “needed”). VERY COOL! I think I’m going to use it towards the purchase of a good drill press like this or one of these. I’ll also keep my eyes open for a good used one. In my case, this is something I both need for the shop, and want. VERY excited about this.

Merry Christmas!

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