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January 5, 2004


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North American cinema ticket sales reported a .5% slump last year as the average price of tickets continued to increase (up to $6.03 with highs around $10). Last time I went to the theater they played 30 minutes of obnoxious commercials before the feature (and I’m not talking about the previews either). The time before that was the Matrix III debacle when the sound kept cutting in and out for the whole movie. We complained a half-dozen times and it never got fixed, and they refused to refund our money. Escalate, escalate. We got it back eventually. So I ask you, why should we pay $17 for two of us to go see a film in a theater run by people who don’t care about the moviegoing experience, with bad audio and broken down chairs, and endure 30 minutes of captive-audience Coke commercials when we can wait a few months and *own* the film, complete with lots of extras, ourselves? Granted, a (very) few films like Return of the King really benefit from the first-night audience experience, but the vaaaast majority of Hollywood’s offerings are better viewed in our own home. Heck, we can rent them at the local Albertson’s for a buck if we’re not sure we want to own them. At that rate, Erin and I can both see the top ten movies of the year for just slightly more than a single ticket. I’m sounding like an old curmudgeon, but I just don’t see why going to the multiplex is better.
Hopefully theater owners will get the message from consumers and make the theater experience a more pleasant one.

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  1. My husband and I recently paid $16.00 for tickets, only to endure the dreaded 30 minutes of commercials. What sent me over the edge was the commercial for Law and Order. Reruns. On Cable. (TNT Network)

    Yes, that is correct. We paid for the priveledge (sic) of seeing a commercial for a service we have to pay for to see something we have already seen once. For Free.

    Comment by Mycropht — January 6, 2004 @ 10:57 am

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