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January 6, 2004

Garage Band

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via inessential: This software excites me personally far beyond anything Apple has announced since OS X. More than iPhoto, iTunes, Safari, iPods, and everything else put together.


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What’s your Robot name?

Mars in Detail

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The Mars Rover “Spirit” has begun capturing and transmitting super-definition high res color images of Mars! The highest resolutions ever attained.
Check them out.

One down…

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Is Britney Spears on the way to becoming the next Elizabeth Taylor?

Austin Apple Store?

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Via infoapplestore: You know’em, you love’em, you can’t live without them–the AppleCare Contact Center staff down in Austin (Tex.), who help keep your G5 up and running when you’re at the “hair-tearing” stage. It’s a grind working Corporate Customer Care, so lunch is the perfect opportunity to mellow out and get some grub. And where does a respectable AppleCare Representative go for lunch? Easy… the Barton Creek Square mall southwest of town, where the food court menu is primo, and the conversation turns to an empty space on the ground floor that will sprout…ta, da… the next Apple retail store! Finally– the 8th-largest metro area in America without an Apple store… gets an Apple store!

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