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January 6, 2004

Austin Apple Store?

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Via infoapplestore: You know’em, you love’em, you can’t live without them–the AppleCare Contact Center staff down in Austin (Tex.), who help keep your G5 up and running when you’re at the “hair-tearing” stage. It’s a grind working Corporate Customer Care, so lunch is the perfect opportunity to mellow out and get some grub. And where does a respectable AppleCare Representative go for lunch? Easy… the Barton Creek Square mall southwest of town, where the food court menu is primo, and the conversation turns to an empty space on the ground floor that will sprout…ta, da… the next Apple retail store! Finally– the 8th-largest metro area in America without an Apple store… gets an Apple store!

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  1. Jason’s next blog topics:

    Apple Recruiting
    An “Apple Insider” told me that he has a friend of a friend who knows someone who’s managing the store. He’s recommended several people for the “Expert Bar,” including me! The best part… employee discounts!

    It’s amazing the depth that Apple goes to on these job applications: have you ever caused harm to a Macintosh?what is the farthest distance you’ve traveled to play Bolo?name all of the system numbers between 4.2 and 7.5.5 (bonus points if you can list System Enablers also)describe the differences between a Performa 6290 and 6360do you have a government security clearance? have you ever been turned down for one?how did you feel about the inability to assign colors to objects in the first iterations of OS X? how did you react when it was incorporated into Panther? Discuss.a customer enters The Apple Store™ asking for a DVI-VGA adapter for a PowerBook, but you know that he is not truthful and secretly uses Windows machines. Do you a. ignore himb. self-righteously snub him in a manner unnoticed by other customersc. make an example of him by berating him verbally for all to hear, hopefully pushing him over to the Right Sideare you willing to forsake your father and mother to follow Steve?

    Getting ready for the opening
    Giles and I camped out today. We’ve got our copies of “Insanely Great” (first edition) with us because we heard a rumor that Steven Levy will be there! It’s only 142 hours, 17 minutes until the opening and we’re numbers 12, 13 and 14 in line. This is going to be bigger than Ginza!

    Comment by Patrick Watts — January 6, 2004 @ 9:42 am

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