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January 7, 2004

Soldier’s Funeral, Texas Style

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Patriotic and poignant.


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A plaque honoring the crewmembers of Columbia’s last flight is on Mars.

My Precious

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Gollum has a new precious. thanks Mark.


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Thanks to my fantastic new computer (a “mere” 1.25Ghz G4 PowerMac), I’m able to do things I could never do with my older computer. Currently, I have a small 5″ window open in the lower left corner of the screen that is playing a Frontline episode on marketing.
Advertising and marketing have become so much a part of our lives that we almost don’t notice them any more, and this 1 hour long episode delves into the way that companies dissect and analyze our preferences in order to sell us products. It’s almost scary the extent these companies will go to, and it’s very scary how almost 99% of our popular culture is created and filtered through only five businesses.
Happily, companies are having a harder time as consumers are becoming much more discerning about marketing and much more cynical about being manipulated. Some companies are honestly trying to connect with consumers and fill real needs, instead of artificially manufacturing needs so they can sell product. Cultural cool and marketing will always have an uneasy coexistence, but it’s good to see the pendulum swinging back a bit.


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via boston: When Jobs [speaks], executives of the world’s biggest computer and consumer electronics firms [pay] attention.
That’s remarkable, considering that Apple holds less than 5 percent of the world’s personal computer market, and is dwarfed by rivals like Microsoft Corp., Dell Computer Corp., and Japanese electronics titan Sony.
But market share is one thing, mindshare quite another. Under Jobs, Apple has positioned itself as the “thought leader” of America’s high-technology sector, winning a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative firms.

Pulled Over by the Reaper for a Warning

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Got knocked silly by a bad cold day before yesterday. Stupid thing only let me get about 6 hours sleep total in the last 48 hours. Ug. I’m in the bottom of the valley now and if I know my body, there’s no place to go but up. Times like this I’m glad I work at home. Erin’s been taking good care of me. 🙂


from East Asheville Hardware
(c) David Wilcox, all rights reserved.

You ever wonder why you get a cold?
Look at the word – spell it – C-old.
You’re pulled over by the reaper for a warning
He says,”I clocked you thinking 80″
You know you’re not that old
You’ve been worried about the darkness in the morning

Well, I’ll give you something to worry about, he says
And he flips open his ticket pad
Appreciate your breathing
I’m gonna write you up a headache for those thoughts
Now why you been so worried
What have you been reading
And why do you have to tally all you’ve lost

I’ma write you up a head cold
It comes on like bad weather
So maybe you’ll appreciate the warming
See it gives a new perspective
Soon you’ll be feeling better
I’ll let you off this time
With a warning

He says, But take it easy, alright
People live around here

You won’t see him in time
What I’m trying to say is
You’ll miss him

Acid Trip

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via cowboybooks: An interesting series of drawings made by an artist on an acid trip. The artist agreed to undergo a U.S. military experiment on the effects of psychotomimetic drugs. Scary.

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