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January 9, 2004

Losing Time

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This guy designed watches that deliberately lose 39 minutes every day. Would you buy a watch from this man? NASA bought lots of them.


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For those of you who use Microsoft’s Windows operating system, but still want to have the fantastic Apple-created feature known as Expose, check out WinExpose by, er, WinExpose.

Toshiba’s Tiny Drive

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Toshiba has developed a 4GB hard drive scarcely bigger than a quarter. Very cool. I want one in a PDA!

When the Spirit Rises

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Nasa’s Spirit rover has successfully unfolded and risen from its platform. The next step is to find a clear path through the deflated airbags that are partially blocking the way. Then the rover will be free to trundle off the base and onto the surface.

Back to the Moon?

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President Bush is expected to announce a new space initiative next week that may include a trip back to the moon.

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