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January 13, 2004


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Thanks to mom and dad’s Christmas money, I was able to get the Ridgid 1550 Drill Press today (link has the slightly older 1500 but looks identical). It got a “best value” rating from Fine Woodworking. Home Depot is phasing out these American-made drill presses in favor of the Chinese model and the “old model” US-made versions are going for a steep discount at Home Depot. The guy at the counter told me that he very much favors the USA products (Emerson motors) over the offshore versions, and I agree with him. A good indication of the quality of the new tools versus the old tools: old tools had a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty on everything but consumables (bits and drive belts). New made-in-China tools have a 3 year warranty and that’s it.
We got to talking about how consumers are getting lower quality products so Home Depot can increase its profit margin. As an example, this employee told me that the old USA-made Ridgid table saw retails for $597 but costs the store $549, for a $48 profit. The new Chinese version sells for the same $597 price but only costs Home Depot $409 for a total profit of $188. If they continue to push lower quality offshore products, I won’t be buying any more Ridgid tools, that’s for sure.
But my new drill press is wonderful indeed. Thanks folks!

*Update* I spent a relaxing 4 hours in the shop this afternoon putting the drill press together and testing it out. Great machine. I also got a chance to use the forstner bits Erin gave me for Christmas. Gotta go build something now.

Your Head A Splode

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Today’s Strongbad email. Hidden easter egg at the end (click on screen to activate)

Bigger Disk

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LaCie today announced the “Bigger Disk“, a 1 Terabyte external hard drive. With 2 years of MP3 capacity, or one month of MPEG-2 video.

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