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January 14, 2004

Tool Guide

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I forgot to mention that when I picked up the drill press yesterday I also got a copy of Taunton Press’ excellent 2004 Tool Guide.

Life on Mars

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Inessential has discovered life on Mars.

…And A Map of the World

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Princeton University’s astronomy deptartment has published a map of everything. The map measures from the center of the Earth’s core to the edge of the known universe…and beyond, really to the “unobservable” universe- i.e. to stars with a cosmological redshift greater than 1. Fascinating stuff. I got the best detail at the 200dpi level.


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boston:If a player feels his character, or Sim, is being ill treated and can get no justice from the game operators at EA, he can arrange to have bad things happen to rival players, by approaching a local Mafia and ponying up some of the game’s currency, called simoleons.

Mars Surround

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A full screen, 360 degree panorama of Mars in QuickTime VR. Don’t forget you can zoom in and out with shift and control keys, respectively. This kind of thing never ceases to amaze me. Here’s a view that has never before been seen by humanity, or indeed by any living eyes, and now, thanks to a bunch of very smart people, some cool technology, and the Internet, we can all see the plains of Mars from our own home. The only thing that could possibly be better would be if it we could view it in 3D. Actually, since the camera that shot it takes pictures in 3D, I’m sure it’s possible. We just don’t have the technology in our homes yet. What, maybe 5 years?

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