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January 17, 2004


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A truly amazing video of electrical arcing gone mad. Don’t miss this. Quicktime.

Foxtrot iPod

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I love superlatives. Biggest, fastest, farthest, etc. This site has the relative distances and sizes of the smallest to the largest objects in the universe. From the distance across one Fermi (a very, very, very,very…..very small amount), to the distance to the most distance object known, it’s all here.

NASA Gives up on Hubble

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NASA reported today that it will stop all servicing missions to the Hubble Space Telescope. They estimate it will become unusable in 4 years. NASA says they are doing this to make room in the budget for Bush’s plans to return to Mars.
Bush recently upped NASA’s budget, but only by 200 million dollars per year… not even enough to pay for half of one extra shuttle flight.

Back to the Moon

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James Lileks has a great “The Bleat” today. Don’t miss his section on going back to the moon. I’ve surprised several friends by not writing about President Bush’s recent speech regarding his plans to get us back to Luna. Frankly, that’s a longer essay than I have time for right now, and I want to do the subject justice. Check out Lileks in the meantime.
Fact: In the middle of a war against medieval-minded foes, we decided that we should also head back into space. We’re not going to close the borders, curl up under the covers. The right hand holds the sword, the left hand holds the sextant.

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