The Big Think

January 21, 2004

Easy Day

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After working 14 hours yesterday from noon until 2am I gave myself an easy day today. only put in about 3 hours and then relaxed a bit. I’m ahead of schedule for this time of the year and my Warcraft III skills were getting a bit rusty 😉
Off to Waco tomorrow for meetings.

Whoa Moment

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Just had something happen here that made me say [best Keanu Reeves voice] “whoa”. If you’re not using OS X, move along.
I have a 2 button mouse. Usually when I click in Safari with the second button I get a small popup that says “view page source” and “save page as”. Well, if you first hilight a word or words, then right click on the word(s), your options become “copy” and “google search”. Clicking on “google search” takes you instantly to a google page with the hilighted words as the search string. I do Google searches all the time. Freaking awesome.

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