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January 30, 2004

One iPod to Rule Them…. oh, enough already

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via applelinks: Weta’s cyber Tolkien Trail was seeded by a dedicated server, safely isolated from Weta’s intranet and connected to a secure outside line.
Media was transferred from Weta to Pinewood Studios in London. There, Jackson’s 30-gig iPod was ready and waiting to upload Weta’s daily fresh-baked shots and sequences. His iPod was then delivered via sneaker net to his home a few minutes away from Pinewood.
Jackson then viewed those 1K-resolution QuickTime files on an Apple Cinema Display, tied to his G4 laptop, which drew directly from his iPod.
Jackson says the only thing he’d change about the setup is the $15,000 videoconferencing setup they used. Doing it now, he’d replace the whole thing with a $150 iSight.


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Some potentially great news Via Yahoonews: BALTIMORE – NASA’s chief agreed Thursday to review his decision to cancel the Hubble Space Telescope’s final servicing mission and let it deteriorate and go out of operation. The decision comes after the space agency was bombarded by pleas to save the craft.
“It’s been overwhelming. My e-mail is overflowing,” said Steve Beckwith, director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Pixar dumps Disney

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via applelinks:“After 10 months of trying to strike a deal with Disney, we’re moving on,” Jobs said. “We’ve had a great run together — one of the most successful in Hollywood history — and it’s a shame that Disney won’t be participating in Pixar’s future successes.”

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