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April 21, 2004

Table Talk

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Started building Erin’s console table yesterday. I’ve settled on a two-tone look (big surprise). The top and legs will be African Mahogany and the table skirt will be hard maple. All parts are cut, did the mortises today, and got the tabletop gluing up. I also tapered the legs (after spending about 2 hours making a tapering jig.
If I hadn’t had to go to Mark’s last night to use his planer and jointer, I could almost have done the whole job in 1 day. I figure one more day to do the tenons and cut a special detail (and size the top), and a day for assembly and final fitting. Finishing will take a few days.
But I’m off to Waco tomorrow and have a meeting for the movie on friday, so the table will have to wait a few days.


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NASA successfully launched its Gravity Probe-B experiment yesterday. GP-B will test fundamental assumptions about the universe and will confirm Einstein’s theory of Relativity down to quite a few spaces to the right of the decimal.

Bowling for Idiots

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I almost don’t want to give him any more press, but that assumes there are more than three people reading this (hi mom).
Michael Moore has gone and stuck his size 13 foot in his size 15 mouth with a letter to his fans. There is a fantastic critique of the letter here. It’s amazing that Moore could be against a country that would let someone like him become an influential millionaire.
Thanks to coxandforkum for the cartoon.

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