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May 30, 2004


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College is something you complete. Life is something you experience. So don’t worry about your grade, or the results or success. Success is defined in myriad ways, and you will find it, and people will no longer be grading you, but it will come from your own internal sense of decency, which I imagine, after going through the program here, is quite strong. . . . Love what you do. Get good at it. Competence is a rare commodity in this day and age. And let the chips fall where they may.
Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, speaking at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Va.

May 29, 2004

Kill Me With Coke

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How many cans of caffeinated beverage of your choice would it take to kill you? You can find anything on the internet nowadays. It would take 358.11 cans of Pepsi to kill me. *Whew* good thing I stopped at 357 today. link

May 28, 2004

I Have Nothing to Say

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Nothing like a good mindless laugh. link.

Why the RIAA Must Die vol III

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“Tammy Lafky has a computer at home but said she doesn’t use it. “I don’t know how,” the 41-year-old woman said, somewhat sheepishly.

“But her 15-year-old daughter, Cassandra, does. And what Cassandra may have done, like millions of other teenagers and adults around the world, landed Lafky in legal hot water this week that could cost her thousands of dollars…..

“Lafky, a sugar mill worker and single mother in Bird Island, a farming community 90 miles west of St. Paul, became the first Minnesotan sued by name by the recording industry this week for allegedly downloading copyrighted music illegally.

“The lawsuit has stunned Lafky, who earns $12 an hour and faces penalties that top $500,000. She says she can’t even afford an offer by the record companies to settle the case for $4,000.”

For more, visit here.

Mac vs PC

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via thefishbowl:Microsoft, ladies and gentlemen, is a cheap whore. She lives on the fringes of the law, but there’s no getting rid of her because she fulfils a certain need in our society. People want what she is selling.
There’s a certain painted-on mystique to her, of course. We’ve all been indoctrinated with the propaganda, the hooker with the heart of gold, the disturbingly wide-mouthed Pretty Woman. When you find her, though, beneath the paint she’s really quite plain. You take what you need from her, but reluctantly and because you have no alternative. You get what you want, but she is almost peripheral to the act.
Apple is a lover.
From the moment you meet her, you know that she wants you to be happy. She wants to be a part of your life, and you can’t help but be drawn into wanting to be a part of hers. She is beautiful and elegant in ways that the layers of paint on the Microsoft street-walker can only desperately try to imitate.

Go to the link above to read more. The author also talks about Linux as the psychotic girlfriend and the fact that all these comparisons are vaguely disturbing. I’d have to agree 🙂

Fast Food Nation

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Just ran across a fascinating article on modern eating habits at harvard magazine online. To wit:

“Supposedly, in the richest, most powerful nation on earth, we can’t afford physical-education programs for our kids,” says Willett. “That’s really obscene. Instead, we’ll be spending $100 billion on the consequences. We simply have to make these investments.” Ludwig concurs. “There’s fast food sold in school cafeterias, soft drinks and candies in school vending machines, and advertising in classrooms on Channel One. Meanwhile there are cutbacks in physical education, as if it were a luxury.

Very interesting read if you’ve ever tried to lose weight. read it.


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A group of enterprising and very talented Brits made a very large flying model of a B52. Check it out.

Happy Birthday to Erin!

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Happy birthday to my lovely wife!

Credit Where It’s Due

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I was excited that my upcoming movie job will get me a few credits on the internet movie database. I was, however, disappointed that I won’t be the first Jason Young there. Going in under Jason C. Young should do the trick. Wonder if I can send them a head-shot? Hey, can I also submit a link that I was in Where the Heart Is (uncredited)? That’s two movies! heh… I’m on my way!

May 27, 2004


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Don’t want to ruin the surprise, but if you can watch .swf files, check this out.

New Addition

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I’ve added code from to track local gas prices. This:

will now be permanently located to the left at the bottom of the linkroll. Anyone know the solution to the ridiculously easy problem I’m having? I can’t seem to get a break after the CapMac link. the Site Meter link should be below it, but no matter what I do it won’t flow. Not a big deal, just annoying. I am SUCH a newbie at html. If it weren’t for KungLog and MT I wouldn’t even be here.

LOTR vs Star Wars vs The Matrix Trilogy

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Which one is best?
Now pardon me. I’m going to go bury my head in geeky shame.

Here’s a REAL RTS

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Very, very funny for the real-time strategy game nuts out there. link
warning: strong language. (Don’t you love that? The language isn’t “bad” or “nasty” or “profane”. It’s “Strong”. As if the words our mothers would wash our mouths out with soap for saying as kids have suddenly attained some positive ability to curl a locomotive or knock down a linebacker with their bad breath. Okay, here’s a revision: Warning: Naughty language. Sorry Mom.)

Word of the Day

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desquamation. Cool!

Mini Cooper vs Ford F150

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Crash test. Erin and I got a chance to ride in a black Mini Cooper last sunday. Great fun, but I remember thinking “gee, it’s so small I’d hate to be in a wreck. I’d rather have an SUV around me if I ever hit anything head-on.
Well, the Lawrence Berkely National Lab did a crash test (?!?) of a Mini and a Ford F150 full-sized pickup. They both hit the same barrier at 40mph with the resulting mayhem filmed with high-speed cameras.
I was surprised who came out looking safer.

May 26, 2004

Personal Laser

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Every geeks dream: a personal laser etcher. This thing is cool. Don’t miss the TechTV video.


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All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then Success is sure.
— Mark Twain

Dr. Franklin

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Babylon 5 actor Richard Biggs died saturday at the age of 44. Biggs played Dr. Steven Franklin on Babylon 5. read more

May 24, 2004

More Gas

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Patrick has some good comments on gas prices.

Do Not Destroy This House

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Bill Whittle over at ejectejecteject has posted an astonishing essay on the current state of word affairs and the war in Iraq. It’s titled “Strength”. It’s extremely long (well over 14,000 words) and took me over an hour to read, but it’s one of the best, if not the best, essays I’ve ever read, on any topic. Please, please do yourself a favor. Take the time, grab a coffee, put your feet up, and give it a read.

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