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June 30, 2004

Lord of the Rings

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Cassini will perform its risky entry maneuver into orbit around Saturn’s at 9:36CDT tonight. more


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Thanks to all the visitors here, The Big Think has broken its monthly record of visitors. Check the Site Meter link-badge on the left for more details.
Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to the day of 1000 hits/month.

Speaking of Atomfilms

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The 2004 Star Wars Fan Films are up! Vote on your favorite.

48 Hour Film Fest Update

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The Metropolitan theater in south Austin had a screening of all 19 48-hour films. Our entry (“The Emissary”) was the last film of the night. I’m a little biased, but I think we had the best entry of the evening. We’ll know the final judging results in a few weeks, but I was very proud of our entry. Cinematography, sound, editing, story… I felt that we didn’t have a weak area. Judging by the audience response, neither did they. If we win the “Best of Austin” award, our entry will automatically move on to the New York competition.
In the mean time, we’re going to revisit the film and make a “director’s cut” with all of the little tweaks that we couldn’t complete in the alloted 48 hours. We’ll clean up a few spots and I’ll get a chance to massage the audio. That version will be the one that all of our friends and families get to see. I’ll either post a version here or post a link to a streamed version on Atomfilms or some other site when/if it becomes available.
After the show a few of us went out to Denny’s for a late dinner. We all agreed that we’d like to keep our team assembled and work on some more projects together. There’s even talk of a feature. Stay tuned….

June 29, 2004

Birth of a Meme

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Vamming. Has anyone seen a use of this word before? We may be witnessing the birthing of a new meme- something that is usually very hard to pin down.

Abortion Debate

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Opinionjournal has an interesting breakdown on how the abortion issue of the last 40 years has affected modern elections.

Examining these results through a partisan political lens, the Democrats have given the Republicans a decided advantage in electoral politics, one that grows with each election. Moreover, it is an advantage that they can never regain. Even if abortion were declared illegal today, and every single person complied with the decision, the advantage would continue to grow until the 2020 election, and would stay at that level throughout the voting lifetime of most Americans living today.

and the pendulum swings…

Flying High

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A photo essay from last week’s SpaceShipOne launch.

Get Wired

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Hey, it’s only a buck per issue. At that rate it passes my “cheap-o” test. I’ve been a subscriber for years. But if you’re a techie and you’ve never availed yourself to the geek’s bible, you can now get a free one year subscription to Wired magazine here.

Happy Birthday to Mark!

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Michael and Me

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With all the news and hype about Fareheit…Farinheit… Fairinheight… dang spell checker… 9/11, it’s nice to see that someone gets it. (oh, it’s fahrenheit. Thanks Google)


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Some news images of the capabilities of the new Unreal 3 engine.

June 28, 2004


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We don’t call industrial-sized air conditioning units “she.” Well, most of us don’t anyway. We don’t refer to buildings this way very often, or to generators or dumpsters.

But vehicles, they are different somehow. If you do not believe it is possible to love an inanimate object, then you do not know too many teenage boys and their first cars. Ships have always been she. Airplanes, too. And I don’t think this is so hard to figure out, because there is something about a machine that takes us places, something alive and magical. Many foreign observers of America simply cannot comprehend our love of automobiles, but that is because they have never had to face crossing Texas. There is a rite of passage for everyone in the US, and that is your first teenage road trip. And no matter what kind of piece of s#$% you may be driving when you take that trip, that machine is serving you up pure, unrefined freedom and it’s so delirious and liberating that it makes your head spin, and carves the songs you heard during those glorious hours into that part of your brain that makes you cry when you hear them again twenty and forty and sixty years later.

A guy on a Harley knows real freedom in the single, left and right direction of the highway. Sailors know it in two dimensions, the ability to point the bow anywhere on the compass and follow it, come what may.

And then there are those of us who have worked and studied and trained like hell so that we may know freedom in all three dimensions. Now a lot of people think this makes pilots a little arrogant and aloof. Not so. The average pilot, despite the sometimes swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such feelings as love, affection, intimacy and caring. It’s just that these feelings don’t involve anyone else.

I knew, when I was sitting in those bleachers all those years ago, that those red, white and blue jets were alive. I always see airplanes that way. They live. They are here to set us free. And the most docile and sweet-natured of them can only just barelykill us.

Read the rest of the essay here. Read it alone.


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BBC News has a report on the incidence of spyware on the average PC (28 spy programs per average PC). If you’re a non-Mac user, you really need to read this. If you use a Mac, move along… nothing to see here.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright…

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You’ve gotta love that Apple-tude:

Have a Coke and a Tumor

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via Netscape News: Researchers have discovered a link between soft drink consumption and the almost always terminal esophageal cancer. Also, did you know that our per-capita intake of soft drink has risen 450 percent in the last 50 years? It’s gone from 10.8 gallons per person per year to 49.2 gallons!

June 27, 2004

48 Hour Film

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Just got through with a 17 hour shooting day. It’s 4am and I have to edit now! Fantastic day today. Great people, creative environment, and an outstanding script. I can’t wait for people to see this 6 minute film! I’ll post it here if I can get permission.
Off to work…

June 25, 2004

48 Hour Film Project

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I got a call yesterday to be the audio mixer/post production audio guy for one of the Austin 48-Hour Film Project films! It’s a yearly contest where small teams get together to make a film in 48 hours. The teams are given a style (sci-fi/horror/romance/comedy), a line (“I have a bad feeling about this”), and a prop (a golfball, etc). The teams then have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, post, score, and finalize the 4-8 minute film for a contest on Sunday night. I’ve wanted to do it since I heard about it a few years ago. Looks like it’ll be fun and I won’t be getting much sleep until Sunday! I start tomorrow morning at 10 am on the “set”-wherever that is- and then do post on Sunday.
(also posted over on moviehead)

How Good is a Maytag?

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This Consumer Reports graph shows that the Maytag repairman isn’t as lonely as we’ve been told.


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via techcentralstation:So while I congratulate Burt Rutan and Paul Allen on their achievement I’m also remembering the advice of Frederic Bastiat to economists: always look for the hidden. What is important about Spaceship One is not that a private organization has done it once, but that now that it has been done once free markets will continue to make it better, faster, cheaper and someone, one amongst our fellow humans, will work out what to actually do with it, in a manner that none of us today has any inkling of. That’s why free markets are important, that’s why the first private space trip is important and that’s why Paul Allen has done a great deal more than fund a rich man’s toy. read the whole article here.


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via instapundit: I think that [Al Gore’s] style of argument (like the Moore style of documentary) appeals to people who are already committed to your side and makes other people not want to listen to you at all. People interested in rational arguments will choose not to engage with you… What I think is interesting is that if you call actual fascist dictators like Saddam Hussein fascist, you’re regarded as over-the-top by some of the same people who don’t mind using such terms to describe their own fellow citizens who simply disagree with them.

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