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June 1, 2004

In Remembrance

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A moment of silence for Patrick’s Uncle Jim. Our thoughts are with you.

Fear Factor

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major news outlets are gleefully reporting that there is going to be a 36 cent price increase due to the “fear premium” of possible terrorist attacks on our oil supplies (.36 max possible- but doesn’t it seem just like the media to harp on the maximum bad?)(see story). Get ready for $2.25/gallon. Oh, and to all those wags that try to tell people that we don’t complain at that our coffee is $4.00/cup or our bottled water is $1.99/bottle: you bet we would complain if we had to buy 15 gallons of it every three days. It really isn’t the same thing, so kindly stop thinking the comparisons are valid.

Have a Soda

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Finally, the answer to the age-old question: is it a pop, a coke, or a soda? link

Happy June

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Whoa, June is here already. At this rate, it’ll be Christmas in only six months! heh

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