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June 3, 2004

Winged Migration

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posted this over at moviehead, but wanted to put it here too:
Winged Migration

If you have Netflix (Mark), or access to a Love Video (everyone else), I HIGHLY recommend Winged Migration. It’s an eye-popping documentary of bird migration. Filmed over 4 years by a team of 400, the movie was originally in French- not that it matters, it only has about six lines of dialog.

But you don’t go for the dialog anyway. The photography is absolutely astounding. Several shots made Erin and I literally sit up with our mouths hanging open. It’s incredible. Take any frame out of the film and you could make a beautiful poster print out of it. If you’re a nature lover, Winged Migration is a don’t-miss.

*warning*- there are a few scenes around 51:00-66:00 with hunters and one with a hurt bird. 🙁

Hi Def Video

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And close on the heels of the previous story comes this one from Japanese broadcaster NHK. They’re trying to develop Ultra HDTV. Instead of a mere 1080 pixels (scoff, scoff), their version will be 7680×4320 with 22 channels of surround sound. I’m saying it here just so this’ll come true: “nobody will ever need 22 channels of surround sound”.

There, now prove me wrong.


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Digital photographers take note. A new camera has been developed that produces truly astonishing pictures. link

Kodak Chief Technology Officer James Stoffel says Ross’ file is more than a thousand times the size and resolution of those generated by a typical digital camera for consumers. High-end professional digital cameras usually create images that are around 20 megabytes, offering less than a hundredth of the resolution of Ross’ images.

OS X Crash

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Kernel Panic again this morning. This time I didn’t get the multi-language box. Instead I got the gibberish screen. I think it’s almost certainly related to my 2408/324 hardware. They’re not rewriting a simple driver because they want me to spend $200-$500 to upgrade my digital recording hardware.
The big dumbheads.

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