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June 4, 2004

New Tool

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I decided I needed a new, smaller pneumatic nailer that shoots 18 ga. brads instead of the larger 16 ga. nails that my bigger one uses. This means smaller holes and the ability to work with more delicate pieces. Just picked it up at Home Depot today. Surprise: it was actually Cheaper (after shipping) than HD was after tax. Don’t always think Amazon has the local store beat, and anyway, it’s worth a few bucks for the instant gratification and the easy return.


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It’s hot. Hot hot hot. It’s “don’t touch anything in the car until the A/C has been on for a while” hot. Hot enough that you feel like a slug and just want to bask in the miracle that is ceiling fans. So hot you travel with your own cloud of stickiness, ala Pigpen from the Peanuts.
Almost as hot as this. Bleah. Get me to Colorado, pleeeeze!


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A multinational team has asked for permission to do the world’s first face transplant.


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I would like to thank the coalition, led by the United States, for the sacrifices they have provided in the process of the liberation of Iraq.
Iraq’s new Prime Minister Allawi
Please let me know if you see this in any newspaper. Doubtful.

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