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June 6, 2004


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In my life’s journey over these past eight decades, I have seen the human race through a period of unparalleled tumult and triumph. I have seen the birth of communism and the death of communism. I have witnessed the bloody futility of two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. I have seen Germany united, divided and united again. I have seen television grow from a parlor novelty to become the most powerful vehicle of communication in history. As a boy I saw streets filled with model-T’; as a man I have met men who walked on the moon.” 
President Ronald Reagan

Wasted Day

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After an insomnia-laced 4 hours of sleep last night, I got up for the 6am crew call this morning (45 minutes away)
Today was our first day and they did MOS (no-audio) shots all day long! So I pretty much just sat there with my boom and mic and watched/read/napped. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get some footage with dialog. Or they will know the true meaning of “boom guy”.

By the way, they asked me to score the film as well, but they couldn’t pay for that until/if it sold to a distributor. I told them that, since I make my living writing music, that was one thing that I was not willing to do for free-even temporarily.
Gonna go groggily sand the bench in the workshop. zzzzzzzz

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