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June 17, 2004

Space Shot

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Monday is the day….

Word 5.1

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Wired has a fun little article about how many people are still using MS Word 5.1 a full 13 years after it was first released. I’m one of them. Yes, it’s a Microsoft product, but it’s probably one of the last truly great, bloat-free piece of software MS ever released. I can use it on any of my computers… including my OS X monster if I run it under Classic emulation. Smooth as silk, powerful, and stable with a capital “S”.
Patrick bought me the software discs back in college for, what, Pat, $5? Still the best price/performance software bargain I’ve ever gotten.


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Delivered the bench today! The client loved it. I’ll post pictures and a very nice email from the client in the next few days (probably Sunday or Monday after the film is over)

Harry Potter

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Erin and I went to see the third Harry Potter today (my day off from shooting!). Fun movie. It took more liberties with the stories than the first two, and had some truly spectacular, drop-jaw effects (season change and clock fly-through, to name a few). The director treated a few emotional moments with less weight than I would have (no spoilers here), but overall it was a fantastic flick.
6am alarm tomorrow morn, so I’m off to the rack…

Current Reading

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Stairway to the Stars: The Story of the World’s Largest Observatory

Before the Beginning: Our Universe and Others

Outta Time

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How about your very own time machine?

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