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June 29, 2004

Birth of a Meme

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Vamming. Has anyone seen a use of this word before? We may be witnessing the birthing of a new meme- something that is usually very hard to pin down.

Abortion Debate

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Opinionjournal has an interesting breakdown on how the abortion issue of the last 40 years has affected modern elections.

Examining these results through a partisan political lens, the Democrats have given the Republicans a decided advantage in electoral politics, one that grows with each election. Moreover, it is an advantage that they can never regain. Even if abortion were declared illegal today, and every single person complied with the decision, the advantage would continue to grow until the 2020 election, and would stay at that level throughout the voting lifetime of most Americans living today.

and the pendulum swings…

Flying High

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A photo essay from last week’s SpaceShipOne launch.

Get Wired

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Hey, it’s only a buck per issue. At that rate it passes my “cheap-o” test. I’ve been a subscriber for years. But if you’re a techie and you’ve never availed yourself to the geek’s bible, you can now get a free one year subscription to Wired magazine here.

Happy Birthday to Mark!

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Michael and Me

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With all the news and hype about Fareheit…Farinheit… Fairinheight… dang spell checker… 9/11, it’s nice to see that someone gets it. (oh, it’s fahrenheit. Thanks Google)


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Some news images of the capabilities of the new Unreal 3 engine.

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