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June 30, 2004

Lord of the Rings

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Cassini will perform its risky entry maneuver into orbit around Saturn’s at 9:36CDT tonight. more


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Thanks to all the visitors here, The Big Think has broken its monthly record of visitors. Check the Site Meter link-badge on the left for more details.
Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to the day of 1000 hits/month.

Speaking of Atomfilms

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The 2004 Star Wars Fan Films are up! Vote on your favorite.

48 Hour Film Fest Update

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The Metropolitan theater in south Austin had a screening of all 19 48-hour films. Our entry (“The Emissary”) was the last film of the night. I’m a little biased, but I think we had the best entry of the evening. We’ll know the final judging results in a few weeks, but I was very proud of our entry. Cinematography, sound, editing, story… I felt that we didn’t have a weak area. Judging by the audience response, neither did they. If we win the “Best of Austin” award, our entry will automatically move on to the New York competition.
In the mean time, we’re going to revisit the film and make a “director’s cut” with all of the little tweaks that we couldn’t complete in the alloted 48 hours. We’ll clean up a few spots and I’ll get a chance to massage the audio. That version will be the one that all of our friends and families get to see. I’ll either post a version here or post a link to a streamed version on Atomfilms or some other site when/if it becomes available.
After the show a few of us went out to Denny’s for a late dinner. We all agreed that we’d like to keep our team assembled and work on some more projects together. There’s even talk of a feature. Stay tuned….

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