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August 4, 2004


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An HTML version of the classic arcade game Lemmings.

Second Life

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This looks very interesting.


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Thanks to Mark Millard for taking on the yeoman duty of hosting Giles’ computer while it hosts this site. Giles is in the middle of a server move and we all know how much fun it is dealing with cable modems.
Speaking of this site, I’m going back through and changing a few things up in my titles and my titling scheme. From now on I’ll try and be more consistent with my categories. There’s something like 850+ entries on this site, though, so it might be awhile before all the old stuff gets properly categorized.

*Update* well, frell. I went through each of the pages on the M.T. server and laboriously changed some of the categories and titles. What I didn’t realize was that Safari doesn’t save the state of the changes when you search for the next set of entries. I didn’t save each set before going on to the next- just assumed that it was done in the background. Long story short: just wasted 30 minutes for nothing. Ah well, it’ll be MUCH faster doing it directly on Giles’ computer within his network. Something about managing this site from my computer makes the process painfully, painfully slow, especially when there are so many edits to make. Gack. I’ll do it later.


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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted


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A map of the locations of all the manned and unmanned moon missions.

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