The Big Think

August 5, 2004


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Worth1000 has a photoshop contest up. Entrants rework modern celebs into paintings by classic artists. Some very cool stuff. Personal faves: Gates ala DaVinci and Kidman leaving the Moulin Rouge. Nice work.

The Retro-Encabulator!

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Coming soon to a hypertyrodial reverse node scribulum near you. very funny (requires wmv player)

Second Life Pt. 2

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I played around quite a bit last night with Second Life. It’s an interesting idea with quite a bit of customization available. Since all the 3D is streamed, you really need a fast connection- fiber would be best- darn the cable companies!

Right now it seems like the graphical quality and movement speed are adversely affected by the streaming infrastructure, but the idea is sound. The company talks about getting the quality up to “real life” in a few years. I don’t doubt it, but that’ll only happen when we all have 10 mbps connections on a fiber backbone.

In a related development, this story points to dropping cable and DSL prices, though it’s not clear if that’s in the U.K. or not. Giles and I were talking last night about how broadband prices have hit a plateau at around $40/month and we haven’t seen any serious competition in the market. He pointed out that demand is still really high, so why drop the prices? Fair enough. Anyone know what the market saturation of high-speed home connections is? 20%? 50%?
I’d love to see 1-3mbps for around $20 in the next five years. Any takers?

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