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August 7, 2004


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Cool! A human powered helicopter.

From the Earth to the Moon

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Just finished watching episode 12 of the Tom Hanks/HBO mini series “From the Earth to the Moon”. Did you know that it’s the most expensive mini-series ever produced? Yup, $67,000,000! And it’s all up there on the screen, baby. An awful show if you’re a space geek like me.

By the way, didja know that the flag that the Apollo 17 astronauts (Cernan and Schmidt) took to the moon was originally taken to the moon aboard Apollo 11? Neil and Buzz brought it back from the moon’s surface and hung it in mission control until Apollo 17 took it to the Taurus-Littrow valley and left it there -that’s the one they mount on the flagpole in all the pics from 17 (I have this one from 17 on my wall). The crew of 17 took another flag to the moon and brought it back agan, and that’s the one that’s hanging in Mission Control today.
Pretty cool, no?

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