The Big Think

August 10, 2004


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Many of my friend know that I used to be a river guide in Colorado. Erin and I leave to go up there for a while tomorrow (blogging will be suspended until we return). In the meantime, check this link out. it not only has a description of every rapid on the section of river I ran (100+ trips in three summers on this section of river for me), but it’s got some cool movies of each rapid. Hopefully we’ll be able to grab a boat and do it again when we’re there.

Don’t Panic

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy teaser is up!

Hubble Rescue

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Excellent! The Discovery Channel is reporting that NASA has announced they are going to send a shuttle up in 2006 to fix the Hubble! That’s great news for science and space astronomers.

Myst IV

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The new Myst IV Demo is up! All 200Mb of it. Erin and I have played the first three Mysts all the way through with no cheating (okay, there was that one puzzle that was just ridiculous, but that’s it, I swear!). Can’t wait to see the new game.


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The Japanese have deployed the world’s first solar sail in space. Very cool.

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