The Big Think

August 27, 2004

Comments Redux

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I think I’ve got comments working again. Somehow IP banning got switched on for the server’s address (I haven’t messed around in that config area for months, so I have no idea how it happened). So if you tried to comment and got bounced, it should work now. Apologies. Please give the comments a try to make sure they’re working. Same caveat: the comments may timeout and tell you that they couldn’t connect even though the comment was sent. Check to make sure?

Thanks for the patience.


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Apologies to everyone who has tried to post comments here recently. There’s something wrong with the Movable Type commenting system. I have all the settings the same as they’ve ever been, but MT won’t let anyone post a comment (even me). I’ll try and figure out what’s wrong and let everyone know when it’s working again. Thanks for the patience.

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