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September 10, 2004


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Happy birthday.

Today I am 35.

Today my blog is 1!

Thanks again to Giles for buying the domain name for me, and for hosting my blog on the hollownet. And a passive thanks to Time Warner for not blocking Port 80. 🙂

A whole year has gone by. Bye. So what have I learned?

A few things off the top of my head:

1. Time goes faster every year. Who’s speeding up my clocks?
2. I really enjoy writing for my blog (not just posting random things that are interesting to me), but if I were to do it over again, I’d be a lot more anonymous about it. I always heard what writers say about friends and family reading what you write, and how that can often lead to either uncomfortable exposure or writer’s block. I never understood it until now. Now I see why there are pseudonyms.
3. People can surprise you sometimes in good and bad ways, and old acquaintances can turn into surprising new friends.
4. I like sushi more than I thought I would, and I don’t hate sauerkraut as much as I believed. I sure don’t fear it anymore.
5. My #1 pet peeve is still things that don’t work the way they’re supposed to.
6. Fixing a car is fun. Fixing one with my wife is even more fun.
7. Comment spammers deserve to have their shorts filled with sand-fleas. Just look at the number of spam comments on my first post a year ago.
8. Knees start hurting around the mid-30’s.
8. Losing weight isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I finally got tired of Puffy-Faced-Jason and dropped 25 lbs in 4 months. Not too bad. Let’s see if I can go another 20 in the next year. I’ll let you know.
9. Caffeine withdrawals are a royal pain, but being free of the stuff feels great (mostly)
10. I love to travel, and driving is the best.
11. I picked the best person to grow old with. My wife really is the most wonderful person I know (but I knew that already).
12. I belong in the mountains.

I’m a different person at 35 than I thought I’d be when I was back in high school. I’m even a different person now than I thought I’d be at the end of college. I’m certainly a different person than I was when I left home at 18, though at 35, who isn’t? They say that most of our emotional development is done by the time we hit 30 or so. If that’s true, then I’m pretty much the person now that I’ll always be. Well, I think “they” is wrong. Over the last year I’ve done a fair share of navel-gazing and decided to change what I don’t like. Easy to say, hard to do. It’s nearly impossible to overcome 34 years of training, and I can think of many people who gave up the fight long ago, but I think it’s worth it. For my sake and for the sake of those around me.

Another year flew by and statistical middle age is approaching (though we plan on busting the curve). It’s been interesting and a little sad to enter the phase of life when our friends vanish into Fortress Newborn. Oh, and it’s a relief to no longer be part of the Most Courted Demographic: Male age 18-34. Now I get to check the box with the 35-50 age range. How very strange.

Life goes on while entropy takes gentle hold. But even though things run down, if we pay attention we still purchase something with our years: a bit of wisdom. Here’s the bit that stuck to me recently: no matter how old I get, there will always be someone in the world – poor, ignorant, ancient, sick, sad, or solitary, who would trade everything to be where I am today. As my good friend Barry says, we live in an Age of Wonders- the Epicenter of Wonders, really.
I’m blessed to be able to do what I love. I have good friends. I’m healthy. I have Enough.
And God has been good.
I’m grateful.

Exhaust the litle moment.
Soon it dies
And be it gash or gold
it will not come
Again in this identical

Gwendolyn Brooks

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