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September 21, 2004

Fall Back

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Not time to change the clocks yet, but today is the Fall equinox. Check out this picture and this story for a full explanation. Short answer: if you’re reading this in the northern hemisphere, cooler weather is on the way! (if you’re reading this Down Under, drop me a comment. I think that’s really cool. er warm. er, you know…)


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Planted a tree yesterday. We’re embarking on Backyard 2.0, whereupon we endeavor to make our estate look less like a slice of suburbia and more like a forested wonderland. Yeah, right. Anyway, Home Depot had a sale on trees so we picked up a 10′ tall magnolia in a 20 gallon bucket. Trees that thin have no right to be that heavy, and digging a 30″ deep hole that’s 2′ in diameter in Austin rocky soil takes a backhoe. Anyway, it’s up, and it’s nice to have some (thin) shade back there. Amazing how a single tree changes the landscape.


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The background of the immortal but little-noticed Wilhelm scream. As a sound guy, I love this stuff.

The Road Ahead

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What will gaming be like in 2025?

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