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September 22, 2004

Blip……… blip………. blip…….

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How about a mechanical Pong game?


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USA Today: Why people switch to Macs.

Zero Gee

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John Carmack (of Doom fame) took his entire Armadillo Aerospace crew up for one of the new $3,000 zero G flights. I want to go! link

Oh When the Saints…

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Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of the Marsalis Jazz family, has passed away at the age of 96. One of the guys who used to play drums for me during Sing, Leon Andersen, was Ellis’ drummer for a few years. Leon had some fun stories of traveling around with this icon of American Jazz.

Uruk-Ha Ha

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Thought this was a great picture of an Uruk-Hai and his lunch. See also this article: “Uruk-Hai unhappy with portrayal in film

“Ever since the Lord of the Rings premiered, people are so frightened of me. They’ll avoid me when I walk down the sidewalk, cabs will pass me by, and cops keep pulling me over for no reason. OK, I admit maybe the cops are pulling me over because of the smeared blood all over the driver’s side door, but the other stuff is still true and it hurts,” said one Uruk-Hai.

1 Second Star Wars

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Jason Salavon has every single second of Star wars in a single image. For the truly time-limited. link

Dear Entertainment Industry

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“We lied to you…”. What a brilliant open letter from the computer industry to the entertainment industry.

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