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September 27, 2004

Mt. Doom

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A few years ago I had occasion to visit the hulking remains of Mt. St. Helens up in Washington. My friend Giles and I were on a business trip and took a few hours to drive out to the visitor’s center, which is now situated on a ridge a few miles west (I think) of the mountain. Spectacular devastation. I can only imagine what it was like when it happened and immediately afterward. Our visit was made even more surreal by the fact that it was off-season, the visitor’s center is waaaay back up in there down a long road with no other attractions, and it was after closing time. We had the entire mountain view to ourselves. Kinda spooky and very, very cool.
Well, St. Helens is making rumbling noises again. It seems an amazing thing to me that something so utterly gutted as this place could be the site of more eruptions, but the possibility is there.

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  1. I was in Tacoma during an August 1980 eruption. Very weird. Everything was just gray all day long, with ashy film on everything, and that was a “mild” eruption.
    It will be interesting to see how this develops.
    If Mount Rainier ever goes active again, that will really be a problem…

    Comment by Durb — September 28, 2004 @ 11:18 am

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