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September 30, 2004

Why I Won’t Be Watching the Debates

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I’ve spent most of today cleaning the house in prep for some dinner guests tonight, so I’ve spent most of the day with the TV on listening to commentators speculate about the debates tonight. According to what they say, the most important thing tonight will not be who says what about the economy, or the war in Iraq, or the war on terror, or swiftboat vs. National Guard. Nope, the most revealing, important, relevant thing to come out of the debates will be who will sigh, or look at his watch, or say the right zinger at the right time. Body language, manicures, green/yellow/red lights, air conditioning- all these things have suddenly become much more important in the process of choosing the next president than what they actually say. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad an the stakes so high. After a full day of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that the media’s priorities blow more than Mt. St. Helens.

So I’m forgoing the debates and the after-debate spin where everyone believes their guy is the greatest thing since sliced Brie and the other guy is a monkey with an IQ of 32. I’ll read the transcripts online an hour after the debates are over and get some though-out, hopefully less biased interpretation online tomorrow (not that I can’t use my own brain and 3 college degrees to interpret things for myself). Say it with me: “I can’t wait for November 3rd”

World On Fire

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Thanks to my good friend Robert for pointing me to this incredible Sarah McLaclan video. World on Fire. I watched this moving 4 minute short at my desk this afternoon and cried.
(quicktime required)

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