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September 25, 2004

I Must Be in Hell

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So you think you’re tough? Try listening to the entire theme of the Love Boat. Just sit quietly through the whole thing once and don’t flinch, laugh, or stick long sharp objects in your ears. I dare you.
Oh, the humanity.

September 24, 2004


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A very positive review of a product that really sucks.


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We know we can’t count on the French. We know we can’t count on the Russians. We know that Iraq is a danger to the United States, and we reserve the right to take pre-emptive action whenever we feel it’s in our national interest.
John Kerry, on CNN’s Crossfire, 1997


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Erin got me Neverwinter Nights for my birthday three weeks ago. I’ve been treating it as a motivational tool (work X hours/day and get to play at night). This game is huge. I’ve probably played over 30 hours and I’m just now finished with Chapter 1. There are 4 chapters. Smile.

September 23, 2004


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Some great editorial cartoons here.


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It’s really sad to see what’s happening to Dan Rather and CBS, and no one knows like me what its like to lose their credibility. I would give anything to have it back.
Jayson Blair

September 22, 2004

Blip……… blip………. blip…….

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How about a mechanical Pong game?


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USA Today: Why people switch to Macs.

Zero Gee

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John Carmack (of Doom fame) took his entire Armadillo Aerospace crew up for one of the new $3,000 zero G flights. I want to go! link

Oh When the Saints…

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Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of the Marsalis Jazz family, has passed away at the age of 96. One of the guys who used to play drums for me during Sing, Leon Andersen, was Ellis’ drummer for a few years. Leon had some fun stories of traveling around with this icon of American Jazz.

Uruk-Ha Ha

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Thought this was a great picture of an Uruk-Hai and his lunch. See also this article: “Uruk-Hai unhappy with portrayal in film

“Ever since the Lord of the Rings premiered, people are so frightened of me. They’ll avoid me when I walk down the sidewalk, cabs will pass me by, and cops keep pulling me over for no reason. OK, I admit maybe the cops are pulling me over because of the smeared blood all over the driver’s side door, but the other stuff is still true and it hurts,” said one Uruk-Hai.

1 Second Star Wars

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Jason Salavon has every single second of Star wars in a single image. For the truly time-limited. link

Dear Entertainment Industry

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“We lied to you…”. What a brilliant open letter from the computer industry to the entertainment industry.

September 21, 2004

Fall Back

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Not time to change the clocks yet, but today is the Fall equinox. Check out this picture and this story for a full explanation. Short answer: if you’re reading this in the northern hemisphere, cooler weather is on the way! (if you’re reading this Down Under, drop me a comment. I think that’s really cool. er warm. er, you know…)


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Planted a tree yesterday. We’re embarking on Backyard 2.0, whereupon we endeavor to make our estate look less like a slice of suburbia and more like a forested wonderland. Yeah, right. Anyway, Home Depot had a sale on trees so we picked up a 10′ tall magnolia in a 20 gallon bucket. Trees that thin have no right to be that heavy, and digging a 30″ deep hole that’s 2′ in diameter in Austin rocky soil takes a backhoe. Anyway, it’s up, and it’s nice to have some (thin) shade back there. Amazing how a single tree changes the landscape.


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The background of the immortal but little-noticed Wilhelm scream. As a sound guy, I love this stuff.

The Road Ahead

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What will gaming be like in 2025?

September 20, 2004

Petals Around the Rose

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Are you a Potentate?

Mr. Incredible

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The new trailer for Pixar’s “The Incredibles” is out!

September 19, 2004

Good Eats

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If you’ve been reading this site for a while you’ll remember a bench I made for some clients a few months ago. He’s a computer programmer and she’s a personal chef. Out of the blue they emailed and asked us over for dinner (let me think about it: dinner at the home of a personal chef? Uh, how quick can I say yes?). We went over there tonight not knowing anyone (the other guests were an architect and a caterer- all self-employed). We left with some new friends. The meal was amazing (arctic cod on a rice base with a bok choy concoction on the side- wonderful!) and the conversation was superb. It’s good to talk with folks who have the same insecurities as I do being an entrepreneur.

We were both naturally nervous going over there as we literally didn’t know anyone at the party (well, the hosts had been clients, but that’s always a bit different from “normal” friends). Turns out we had lots in common. Jason (the host’s name) and I even got some great hangar flying in (he’s a pilot, too).

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