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October 2, 2004

Black Hole

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A picture, from space, of the moon’s shadow on the earth during a total solar eclipse. Suh-weet. link

Haunted Mansion

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This guy has built a virtual 3d Disney Haunted Mansion. boo


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MSNBC: Cedar Park will have the world’s fastest and tallest coaster soon. How’s zero to 128MPH in 3.5 seconds and 420 feet (42 stories!) tall sound?

Happy Birthday Troy

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Happy 39th birthday to my brother Troy!

Quick! Silver!

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Thanks to Patrick for pointing me to this nifty OS X addition: Quicksilver. Now go click on his Googleads. 🙂


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Patrick and I played Photon growing up in Dallas, and I’ve always had a soft spot for these cool IR tag games. I’m not surprised to learn that Sean has designs on getting a little league together. Hey Sean, can I play? 🙂

Super Nova

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For the first time, scientists may have gotten advanced notice of a supernova explosion. If so, this means we can have our telescopes pointed at the objects as they explode, pouring out in a few seconds more energy than an entire galaxy. Sunglasses recommended. link

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