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October 3, 2004

Black Sky

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Just finished watching the Discovery Channel’s special Black Sky: The Race for Space. It’s a 4 years-in-the-making special about Scaled Composites SpaceShip One program. One of the best documentaries I’ve seen on television in years, and not just because I’m a huge fan of the subject matter. They’re playing it again on Thursday night with updates for what happens tomorrow morning. If you’re a fan of Burt Rutan’s work, do NOT miss this.

Speaking of SS1, Rutan has posted a preliminary explanation of the adverse roll rates seen in the first X-prize flight a few days ago. That short article is here. The second flight of Scaled’s X-prize attempt is tomorrow morning at 8am central (that’s when coverage begins anyway), so by the time many of you watch this, the flight will be over. I’ll be getting up to watch for sure. Godspeed to Burt and crew. I’m saving up for my ticket, guys. No kidding.

Ad astra.

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