The Big Think

October 8, 2004


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A really cool optical illusion.

Me and My Avatar

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Okay, because I said I would. Here’s a pic of me and one of my Second Life avatar. The hair on the model isn’t as deformable as I’d like, and I can’t manage to draw the Eddie Munster widow’s peak. Oh, and I never could get a pair of glasses for the model. Sure would like one of those snazzy flag shirts, though. I went for realism even though it meant being honest with myself about my Bubba-like jaw. Hmm… looks like I’ve got to bring the ears out a little more.

Oh, and my avatar can fit into size 32 jeans. I’m still working on that.


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Interesting BBC story on a photography show at an art gallery that features pictures of real people and their virtual avatars. With pictures. I’ll have to post pics of my Second Life character and let you judge how accurate it is (I mean, besides the 42″ pecs).
I thought this pic was particularly poignant, and a reinforcement of why I don’t talk trash to folks online that I don’t know. Folks that I do know, however….


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New JibJab cartoon up. The sequel to “This Land is Your Land”


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Sweet! Honda is adding a Hybrid Accord to its lineup.

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