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October 12, 2004

They, Robot

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The Robot Hall of Fame, “Because robots are everywhere, and you’re going to want to get to know them”.
[Or Else?]

Space Safety

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Glenn Reynolds has a good post over at Tech Central about Congress’s silly attempts to over-regulate the nascent space tourism industry. link
Personally, I think that this approach is silly. People with money are allowed to engage in all sorts of risky activities, ranging from “adventure vacations” in dangerous third-world countries, to sky- and cave-diving, to auto racing. Why should the government go out of its way to ensure “the highest standards of safety” for space tourism when it ignores these activities, and, in fact, doesn’t even insure the “highest standards of safety” for people who ride roller coasters?


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Hilarious Apple-themed Foxtrot today.

Modern Marvel

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The History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” is one of the coolest shows on TV. Tonight’s episode: Metals.

Did you know that blacksmiths worked on black metals like iron, while whitesmiths worked on white metals like tin?

Also, as an illustration of how far we’ve come and how technology is transparently changing our lives. A modern car is constructed of as much as 60% from metals and metal alloys that didn’t exist as little as 10 years ago. Weird that my truck is old tech and Erin’s new car is the new tech… and that her car will be old news when the next round of vehicles comes about.

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